At Berith, we see our children as naturally competent learners from birth, resilient, capable, confident and self-assured, and we have designed a programme to build on these qualities, developing positive supportive relationships to nurture an inquisitive approach to learning where making mistakes is viewed as an important part of the learning process. In educating our children to become strong, responsible, independent learners, our teachers recognise that the learning environment plays a key role in supporting and extending a child’s development.

Our classes offer a safe, caring learning environment, which promotes physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being, with good communications skills, as part of the core curriculum.

classsroom 2

In addition to the core curriculum, we also offer a rich programme of class trips and extracurricular activities, and work in close partnership with parents to support our children on their learning journey.

Berith School

Berith Nursery and Primary School is a 100% Christian School. At Berith, your child will grow greatly academically as well as spiritually. It is important that children learn in the right kind of environment that is aimed at character building and academic excellence.

At Berith School, our main curriculum is the Accelerated Christian Education, which is a curriculum that trains a child in the way of God every step of the way. We also use the British curriculum (EYFS), the Nigerian curriculum and the Montessori curriculum at various levels of pre-school and primary school learning.

Our teachers are very well qualified. Aside from academic qualification, Berith School invests greatly on staff training. We have trained our staff in various aspect of educating children in pre-school and primary school.

We have a standard infrastructure at Berith School. Our environment has a Chapel, air conditioned classrooms, computer room, library, changing room (for babies and younger children), good toilet facility, swimming pool, exciting playground, beautiful crèche section. Etc. Berith School is very hygienic and child friendly.

We have had several testimonies from parents whose children attend Berith and it has been awesome!

Have your child attend a Christian School, it’s the best decision you can make to secure their future in line with the will of God for their lives. Join the Berith family today.

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